Orders passed in petition

  Court Proceeding of petition No. 18/2017

S.No. Hearing Date Procceding
1 2017-05-27 Shri Shyam Kabra and Shri Vikash Agrawal, for petitioner. Shri Abhinav Kardekar, Advocate along with Shri V.A. Deshmukh, EE for respondent.

2. The respondent files preliminary objection on admissibility of the petition. Copy of the objection is given to the petitioner.

3. Heard the parties on admission.

4. We are already in the process of reviewing various provisions of the Chhattisgarh State Electricity Supply Code, 2011 and certain amendments are proposed. The issue raised in this petition may be examined during the framing of Regulations

5. With this direction the petition is disposed off.
Status: Disposed

2 2017-05-06 Commission orders for hearing
Status: Processing

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