Orders passed in petition

  Court Proceeding of petition No. 24/2017(M)

S.No. Hearing Date Procceding
1 2018-04-07 Shri Manoj Khare, SE for petitioner. Smt. S. Lakshmi, AGM for respondent BSP. Shri S.K. Sinha for respondnet CEI office. No one present for respondent NSPCL.

2. Smt. Lakshmi files submissions on behalf of the respondent No. 2 and prays for direction to CSPDCL for implementation for order dated 05.12.2017 in P. No. 13 of 2017.

3. Heard the parties on admission of the case.

4 We admit the case for hearing. Before proceeding further, we feel that a Technical Validation is required in this case. Hence we direct Director (Engineering) of the Commission to call the parties for TVS in the matter.

5. After the TVS, if requires the parties may be called for their submissions and for hearing.
Status: Processing

2 2017-10-06 Shri S.K. Singh, Sr. Manager for respondent.

2. In compliance of our directives dated 08.09.2017, the respondent has submitted CA certificate for share patterns of the M/s MSP Steel & Power Ltd.

3. We direct the respondent to file copies of the information submitted by them to the concerned Govt. agencies like registrar of companies, SEBI etc. These documents must be filed within two weeks.

4. After filing of the documents, if required, we will fix date of hearing, otherwise the case is closed for orders.
Status: Close for Order

3 2017-09-08 Shri S.K. Singh, Sr. Manager for respondent.

2. We direct the respondent to file authentic documents, which can prove that M/s MSP Sponge Iron Limited is a sister concern of the respondent company and it holds 28.08% share in respondent company.

3. The respondent requests three weeks time for filing such documents. We allow his request.

4. The case will be heard on 06.10.2017 at 11:00 AM.
Status: Processing

4 2017-08-21 Commissions order for hearing
Status: Processing

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