Orders passed in petition

  Court Proceeding of petition No. 34/2017(M)

S.No. Hearing Date Procceding
1 2017-09-08 Shri C. P. Sharma, authorized representative for respondent.

2. Heard Shri Sharma on the matter.

3. We considered the reply filed by the respondent on affidavit. The affidavit clarifies that out of 30.20 MU power, 3.51 MU power was injected into the grid unaccounted without PPA or open access permission. No payments receive by the respondent against the unaccounted power.

4. We are satisfied with the clarification of the respondent and feel no need to proceed ahead on the matter.

5. The case is accordingly closed.
Status: Disposed

2 2017-08-21 Commissions order for hearing
Status: Processing

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