Orders passed in petition

  Court Proceeding of petition No. 41/2017(M)

S.No. Hearing Date Procceding
1 2017-10-28 Shri Vineet Tayal, Advocate along with Shri Anil Sharma, Vice President for petitioner. Shri Abhinav Kardekar, Advocate for respondent.

2. Heard the parties on admission of the case.

3. It is observed that the fee remitted is not calculated according to the provisions of our Fees & Charges, Regulations. The petitioner is directed to calculate appropriate fee and remit the same within 10 days. If they feel any difficulty, they can take help from the officers of the Commission.

4. We admit the case for hearing with the condition that appropriate fee would be paid within the stipulated time mentioned above.

5. After compliance of above directive by the petitioner, the petition may be sent to the tariff section for due regulatory process.

6. Further process will be communicated to the parties later.
Status: Processing

2 2017-10-05 Commission's order for hearing
Status: Processing

3 2017-09-08 Shri Deepak Khurana, Advocate for petitioner. Shri S.R. Shreshtha, EE for respondent.

2. The case is listed today for hearing on admission.

3. We observe that the petitioner has prayed for approval of power procurement price, without mentioning procurement price anywhere in the petition. It appears from the contents of petition that variable cost of power generated in petitioner's plant is to be determined.

4. We further observe that the petitioner has claimed refund of Rs.4,04,68,251/-, but there is lack of clarity as to how the amount is ascertained, while the tariff is yet to be determined.

5. The petitioner has also not paid appropriate fee as required for petition for determination of tariff or for petition for resolution of dispute.

6. We, therefore, direct the petitioner to file revised petition within ten days. After filing of revised petition, we will proceed further.

Status: Processing

4 2017-09-08 Commissions order for hearing
Status: Processing

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